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As an SVO member, you have access to powerful tools to get your business top-notch visibility with sine if the most prominent leaders and influencers of the Silicon Valley.

We offer both digital and in person opportunities to promote your business.

Our staff is also always happy to discuss a custom package that fits your business' needs.


Every Monday (eEvents) and Wednesday (eNews) our newsletter is distributed to 1,200 of our SVO business members and their employees. With a mailing list of over 5,000 subscribers our newsletters are designed to keep everyone up to date on all things SVO. Everything from our upcoming events, to our policy committees meetings, ribbon cuttings in the community, our public policy efforts, our advocacy letters and more!

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(See placement of ad - red rectangle)

Placed above the fold for maximum visibility

Ad size: 800x120 px


Member prices:

  • $50 for a week

  • $175 for 4 weeks

Non-Member prices:

  • $100 for a week

  • $350 for 4 weeks

Non-Profit prices:

  • $25 for a week

  • $85 for 4 weeks

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Footer Banner Ad

(See placement of ad - red rectangle)

Located at the bottom of our newsletter

Ad size: 800x200 px


Member Prices:

  • $25 for a week

  • $75 for 4 weeks

Non-Member Prices:

  • $50 for a week

  • $150 for 4 weeks

Non-Profit Prices:

  • $20 for a week

  • $50 for 4 weeks

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(See placement of Member Spotlight - red rectangle)

Located in the center of our newsletter. Included: headline, photo/logo and 60 words of text

Ad size: 3000 X 1150 px


Member Prices:

  • $40 for a week

Non-Member Prices:

  • $75 for a week

Non-Profit Prices:

  • $25 for a week



(See Southwest Airlines Ad on your left as an example)

Located at the top of our most popular web page, with the most visitors: our event calendar.

With over 20 events and a total of 380+ attendees a month, this page offers you optimal visibility every time someone registers for an event. Click here to see the page.

Ad size: 800x120px

Member Price: $50 for a week

Non-Member Price: $75 for a week

Non-Profit Price: $25 for a week


As an SVO Member, we would like to offer you the opportunity to set up an XPO style table at one of our monthly events. All of the events below have anywhere from 70-100 people in attendance. Please keep in mind each of these events ranges in demographic, audience and business size.

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight your products, services or even an upcoming event yours!



This event takes place on the second Thursday of every month.

Benefits - Logo visibility & company recognition through:

  • Website [8K visitors /month]

  • Logo recognition in weekly newsletter [5K subscribers]

  • Tabling opportunity at our event

  • Free submission of any employee

  • Event flyer and event web page recognition




sv next is The SVO's young professionals program. It is our initiative to engage, develop and empower the next generation of business leaders in the Silicon Valley between the ages of 21-39.

Benefits - Logo visibility & company recognition:

  • Promotion through all our collateral (flyers, social media posts, etc.)

  • Logo recognition in our weekly newsletter [5K subscribers]

  • Website [8K visitors/month]

  • Tabling opportunity at one of our events

  • Unlimited employees can attend all our sv next events - Free of charge


$1,000 A YEAR


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