Bert George was born and raised in San Jose. He is a Willow Glen High School grad and attended San Jose City College. He is married to Cyndie for 35 years and raised two daughters.

Joseph George was first started in 1940. Bert first started at Joseph George Distributor at age 10. He went full-time at age 16 through Willow Glen High School’s Work Experience program. He’s now President and the third generation running the business.

Bert follows a long tradition of Rotary men—first his grandfather Joseph George, then his father Glenn George, both members and past presidents, like Bert. Through Rotary, he worked to create the Rotary PlayGarden at the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens in San Jose.


Share your thoughts on what it means to receive this award? 

Simply put ... I was floored when I got the call. I love this city and I respect the amazing businesses we have here ... to be named among the best of them is just fantastic.

Why is it important for the business community, and the work that it does, to be highlighted annually by The SVO? 

To showcase our local business community gives validation to all of the hard work, sweat and tears it takes to run a business today

Share words of advice that someone gave you at the beginning of your career? 

The best advice came by just watching my father and grandfather work hard everyday and I mean Every Day.

Share words of advice to give to those aspiring to be future Distinguished Business Award recipients? 

The best advice I can give potential winners is this ... don't cheat yourself out of a hard days' work and remember to always give back and say "Thank You" to the community that allows you to succeed. That glass of wine always tastes better when you have earned it!

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