Name: Kevin Weiss

Company: JMH Weiss

A seasoned engineer with over 31 years of technical expertise, Kevin R. Weiss has led JMH Weiss, Inc. as President and CEO since 1996. 

Under Kevin‚Äôs leadership, the firm manages all size projects from small subdivisions to large master planned communities.  During his tenure, the firm has expanded the company‚Äôs sphere of influence throughout California, neighboring states, Hawaii, and the east coast.

Kevin’s experience started in the Washington DC metropolitan area where he successfully entitled and developed hundreds of acres, including numerous office projects in Tyson’s Corner Virginia, as well as major industrial, retail, and residential developments in suburbia Washington, D.C.

Kevin relocated to California in 1989 and has continued his professional service in the same manner throughout northern California. JMH Weiss, Inc. has managed large projects such as the 1,000 unit Palm Valley residence club, the 800 acre Pacific Commons development containing over four million square feet of industrial, retail, and R&D uses, and dozens of mixed use projects including multiple residential towers in downtown San Jose.

By methodically studying the technical complexities involved with various types of land use developments over the past 31 years, Kevin has mastered the ability to ‚Äúsee the big picture‚Äù.  It is this depth of experience that provides the leadership and necessary skills to JMH Weiss engineers and planners to complete a variety of projects with accuracy, efficiency and high-quality professionalism.

Kevin‚Äôs extracurricular study of real estate and environmental processing has elevated his unique ability to plan, and process large-scale projects through entitlement and master planning.  He has been at the forefront of Sustainable/Green development from his participation in crafting the Chesapeake Bay Act for water quality management to his key efforts in the design of the first Gold LEED certified building in California for the Hewlett Packard Foundation. 

He has demonstrated his extensive knowledge in storm water quality and sustainable planning by providing expert seminar discussions for local area governments and consultants at the request of the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Kevin holds professional licenses in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying and is a graduate of Penn State University with degrees in Physics and Civil Engineering.

Kevin enjoys surfing, snow skiing, guitar, and is proficient in Spanish and Portuguese.

"JMH Weiss has been a cornerstone development engineering company in the Silicon Valley for the past 50 years. Being part of the SVO board is important to allow JMH Weiss to maintain its continuity with the development community and to add valuable experience supporting sustainable growth."



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