As we grow further into a quarantined life, it can be hard to maintain the progress businesses were making before this virus hit. Everything in the business world seemed to shut down, as it is hard to keep things going when no one is in the same place at the same time. If you are trying to look at ways to manage your sales pipeline and keep it from going dry, keep reading to see different ways that are working to keep sales pipelines alive.

1. Do NOT Let Worries Get the Best of You

It may be quite frightening thinking about losing more prospects or customers, but remaining calm and collected is more likely to get you the sale. Customers do not want to deal with someone that seems like they are stressed out because, quite frankly, it gets annoying when you are constantly being shown too much care and attention. Proceed business just like you would any other day, and it will be enough to satisfy your prospects.

2. Do NOT Discount Your Prices Too Much

While having sales and discounts can draw in customers, do not be so quick to sell that you sell for way too cheap. If people find out the prices you are selling at, you may get more customers, but you would be getting customers that like things cheap, not valuable. Keep your value and worth in the price, and do not settle for anything less than a little below average.

3. Help Your Customers

Right now is a crazy time for everyone. Every family or household has their own challenges that they are trying to overcome. If you can lend a helping hand to customers in need, it can do well for your business. 

A simple call to see how everyone is doing or a special discount for regular customers can mean all the things in the world. Showing that you care for your customers draws those customers back, all while grabbing the attention of potential future customers that hear about your good deeds. If you do selfless acts in a time of need and crisis, it allows customers and prospects to grow a deeper sense of trust in you, assuring you more business. 

4. Take A Few More Risks Than Usual

Before COVID-19 hit, your business was probably pretty set in its ways. You had a system that worked, and no one bothered messing or experimenting with it. While that was good before, you now have all the time in the world in your hands, so try a few different things out. Whether it is as simple as changing layouts of things or methods of communication or finding new ways to get new customers, do not be afraid to attempt some new ways of business. After things go back to "normal" after this virus, some everyday things in life will never be the same, and who knows; maybe your business is one of them.

5. Focus on Growth

While it may seem like you are losing infinite amounts of profit and sales, it is not as bad as it may seem. Things out of your control are bound to happen, and this time around, it just so happened to be a worldwide virus. Instead of dwelling on the losses, focus on where you can go from here. This is an excellent time to cleanse the pallet and start new. Think about different ways to grow your business and get more sales and ideas flowing. Showing positivity and optimism is attractive to customers, new or old, so giving a little bit more than usual will let you receive more than usual. The more you give, the more you get!

6. Get Rid of Negative Mindsets

Creativity and growth will not happen if you are too busy crying over shortages. The businesses that are focusing on their losses and scarce consumers are going to come out behind the businesses that have been trying to prosper through the challenges and obstacles. Appreciate what you already have and find the good in all situations. If you seem to have the ability to turn disadvantages into advantages, this is the perfect time to showcase that talent.

7. Drop Dead Leads

While dropping more customers seems like the completely wrong thing to do in a time of shortages, dropping the leads that can't seem to bite the bullet will help you. If you can get rid of the people that you can never seem to get in contact with or they just simply are not interested, you no longer have to worry about trying to convince and satisfy them. It helps you create room for customers more likely to follow through and eliminates the trial and error stage with the dead lead.

8. Improve Your Pipeline Processes

While things are slow, now is the perfect time to experiment with different methods of your pipeline process. Find new ways to make sure you reach maximum success, efficiency, and progress. Adapting to changes easily is a massive part of assuring that your sales pipeline will make it out alive.

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