San Jose, California – The Best in Class Education Center of South San Jose is proactively working to keep the students they tutor on track during the current changes in schedules due to the coronavirus.

Schools in San Jose are currently CLOSED, and Best in Class of South San Jose is providing at-home materials only at this time.

Best in Class of South San Jose owner Kennis Fung says she understands parents’ concerns about taking their students to tutoring classes, and so Best in Class is using a combination of homework packets, virtual office hours, online chat, and video-conferencing software to help students complete their work at home to minimize the disruption in their education.

“Our top priority is to ensure that our students keep their skills sharp while staying safe,” said Kennis.

Best in Class Education Centers are distributing packets for students enrolled in their program to take home and work through independently. Teachers will assist students with their homework by answering questions via Zoom meetings, phone calls and other means.

Best in Class of South San Jose is located at 705 W Capitol Expressway, Suite 60, San Jose. For more information, please contact the center at (408) 622-8186 or

About Best in Class Founded in 1995 and franchising since 2011, Best in Class is a premium education enrichment center committed to building students’ foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills. Founded by Hao Lam, an escapee from war-torn Vietnam, Best in Class has grown to nearly 70 locations across 13 states, with 20 additional centers in development. For more information, please visit

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