By Elukiya Veerasingam, 2018 Silicon Valley CareerPath Internship Program –SVO Communications Intern

Doing business in Silicon Valley is full of challenges, with talent being at the top of that list.

Silicon Valley businesses need top-notch talent to take their companies to the next level. Individuals must have a variety of skill sets comparable to the jobs their doing now while being open-minded and constantly learning to ensure they adapt to what the job may be in the next month, year or ten. The pace of work in Silicon Valley also presents a challenge for some. And once they attract this talent, businesses must find ways to retain them.

So how do businesses continue to ensure they’re attracting and retaining the workforce they need to make their companies a success?

Becoming an SVO member helps. We make this easier for businesses through dedicated programs tailored to the different levels of their workforce.


Leadership San Jose is a rigorous 10-part program in which a class of 35 learns the ins and outs of what it takes to be an active civic leader within the city of San Jose. This cohort chooses a community service project every year to work on throughout the course of the program as a way to give back.

 ‚ÄúSince 2010, five VTA employees have graduated from SVO‚Äôs Leadership San Jose Program, learning about a broad range of issues that impact Silicon Valley‚Äôs economy and quality of life. Keeping that pipeline of participants going, a sixth VTA employee is vying for a seat in next year‚Äôs program, joining the ranks who have increased their knowledge and experience on a number of critical platforms including civic, political, and philanthropic. These leaders are now making a stronger contribution to our community from both a personal and business perspective.‚Äù  ‚Äì Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority


Strive San Jose is the education and workforce development program of The Silicon Valley Organization. It facilitates deep regional partnerships between schools, higher education institutions, employers, and other community partners to align education systems with career pathways. Current program partners include Campbell Union High School District, East Side Union High School District, and San José Unified School District.

Businesses can engage at various levels, including guest speaking, worksite visits, job shadows and the program’s signature event: the Silicon Valley CareerPath Internship program.

“A business is not only about extracting value, it’s about giving. One of the bet things about this program is that you’ve able to give back to the community, you’ve able to provide a platform and playground so to speak for these interns to learn and that’s important for businesses to do. And, as a business you get value from it.” – 360 Payments


SV Next is The Silicon Valley Organization’s young professional’s network. This program offers burgeoning Silicon Valley professionals between the ages of 21 and 39 the opportunity to grow their network, receive professional development, and have opportunities to give back through community service.

“It’s important to me to engage in a young professionals’ group like SV Next because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and allows me to network with professionals outside of my company. The various speaker series have also been really inspirational and have helped me grow professionally.” –Teresa Nguyen, KBM-Hogue


The breakfast, lunch and dinner mixers give members the opportunity to create connections amongst each other and learn from esteemed guest speakers, all while having fun in cool new venues.

These monthly programs allow members to engage during the times that are most convenient to them: morning, noon and night.  


Join groups of committed business professionals that generate leads and referrals to one another. There are currently four BRNs that meet weekly.


See what else the SVO has to offer here.


Click here to get started.



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