Name: Kristen Welch

Company: KPAW Inc dba TapSnap1050

Title: Franchise business owner

How long has your business been a part of The SVO?

Since 2013

Why is it important for your business to be a part of The SVO? 

As a small business owner, it is imperative for me to network and get as much exposure as possible and to connect with other SVO members and their peers. It has provided the opportunity for others to get to know me as a business owner and a person. I have, and continue to learn from other experienced members. The ongoing support of The SVO staff and to be included in their events has been a great benefit to my growth.

What was your first job like? 

First job?? As in newspaper routes, baby sitting, Sizzler, Ice Cream Store, Lifeguard and swim teacher? Ha!! I have always kept very busy and super motivated to work hard and be a valued member of a workforce. I was in junior college when I got the job that led me to a 30-year career in the electronics industry.

Describe your current job.  

I am the owner of KPAW Inc. which began as a business owner for TapSnap1050. CEO, Sales, Marketing, Events, Facilitator of Fun, and did I mention MARKETING?!!!

What has been a career high point for you thus far? 

I just celebrated my 4th anniversary and each year has presented many high points and what was incredible to me in the first year is now a common occurrence. Working with Fortune 500 companies is top of mind and what I am truly proud of is the repeat business I get from them which says so much!

The other ‚Äúhigh point‚Äù has been the partnership of Club Auto Sport who trusts me to impress and entertain their clients. My goal is to have several of these types of relationships and many are in the works. To have a client or partner acknowledge my integrity means everything to me and fortunately I have a technology that is impressive and unique to the photo booth industry. One year ago, I met four people who started as part-time staff and I am very proud of them! It was a tough transition for me and I am so grateful to work with this trustworthy crew which is now six to eight people.

Lastly, I must include my relationship and business with the Silicon Valley Business Journal.  It began with Robert Robledo who provided guidance when I was brand new and the encouragement to succeed. I didn‚Äôt want to believe that it would take three to five years to get my  business established so my final mention of a ‚Äòcareer high point‚Äô is that at the three-years mark, my business began to explode.

 What words of advice can you share for other professional women working in the Silicon Valley? 

Always push forward. Don’t doubt yourself. Hire an accountant day one [for those who start a business]. If you don’t ask questions, the answer is no. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be so hard on yourself (tough one) and don’t expect to be perfect – Just go for it!


On August 26, 2017, Women‚Äôs Equality Day is celebrated across the nation. To celebrate, The SVO is highlighting some of the women who choose to make their mark in Silicon Valley business - SVO members & SVO staff - through the SVO Women series.


Every week, we will have new SVO Women profiles on members and staff. Follow along on social media: #SVOWomen


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