SAN JOSE, California, [May 25, 2020] – The Silicon Valley Organization (The SVO) is saddened to have learned that Robert (Bob) Kieve, president of KRTY Radio and Empire Broadcasting, passed away on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

Madison Nguyen, Executive Vice President of The SVO wrote in a Facebook post yesterday, “He was so young and full of energy and passion for life. His love for people and for our city was immeasurable. His generosity touched the lives of so many people beyond Silicon Valley. There are simply not enough words that I can use to adequately describe the heart of this man.”

Bob graduated from Harvard College in 1943, and began his career as an information officer at the American Embassy inMadrid, Spain, during and after World War II. Following several program director and writer positions in radio and television, he was appointed to a position as special assistant and staff writer for President Dwight D.Eisenhower. He later became general manager of Radio Stations WBBF and WBBF-FM in Rochester, NY.

Bob’s distinguished career in public service included serving on The SVO Board of Directors and The SVO PAC Board of Trustees, both for which he served as Chair. Bob remained active on both boards until recently.

Bob’s community involvement also included serving as the President of the Rotary Club of San José, Director of the San Jose Symphony Foundation, Board Member of the San Jose Symphony, Board member of the Northern California Broadcasters Association, the California Broadcasters Association and Regional Medical Center, to name a few.

“Bob’s commitment and dedication to The SVO and The SVO PAC was unparalleled.  From the day I arrived in San Jose I learned quickly that he was a steadfast champion for business and for San Jose. His voice and counsel always improved the discussion.  I will miss him dearly as a friend and a mentor,” said Matthew Mahood, President & CEO.

The SVO extends our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Bob’s daughter, Lenoir Kieve, and to all who knew him. Bob Kieve was an extraordinary man who leaves a legacy that will be appreciated and honored for years to come.

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