Diridon Station Area/Google


The Google project’s plans anticipate significant investment over time, with world-class architecture, publicly accessible outdoor plazas and paseos, street-level retail shops, and a public greenbelt and park along the Los Gatos Creek.

The development would optimize rail, bus and BART connections, create active pedestrian and bicycle corridors, and promote TDM measures and shared parking opportunities.

The SVO has been a strong supporter of this project because of its catalytic potential to push San Jose and its economy forward. It's the right project for the right city at the right time and the benefits will be reaped by generations to come.

This project, however, is only a part of the overall Diridon Station Area Plan (DSAP). The City of San Jose adopted the DSAP to spur the future development of millions of square feet of office/R&D space and retail, with thousands of housing units and hotel rooms.

In the years ahead, several major transportation investments—including BART, High Speed Rail, Bus Rapid Transit, and an electrified CalTrain, along with existing lines that include Capitol Corridor, ACE, AmTrak, and VTA Light Rail-- will converge at Diridon Station, bringing an expected eight-fold increase in daily commuters, and an opportunity to transform Downtown San Jose.

Station Area Advisory Group Meeting Dates

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