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As District 6’s City Councilmember Dev Davis has worked hard to be collaborative and to do what is best for the residents of District 6 and San Jose. Since she took office the City has begun paving every street in San Jose, strengthened the police force by adding more than 300 new officers, and improved burglary response, street patrol, and lifesaving equipment in fire trucks. Davis has tackled homelessness and housing affordability by helping to provide hundreds of new affordable housing units and expanding homeless services. But Davis knows there is more work to do and that an experienced leader is needed in the COVID-19 economic downturn, we need experienced leadership. If re-elected she will continue to address homelessness, ensure there is enough housing that the average person can afford, ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely, make neighborhoods safer from crime, support San Jose families, ensure small businesses survive and the Google project moves forward smoothly.

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