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solutions teams

Solutions Teams do just that: they solve problems. Whether in quality of life challenges or business velocity impediments, solutions teams are the idea factories of silicon valley IDEA. Each led by community-focused innovators, these teams develop the outside-the-box ways that will advance our region in the same tradition that has always made Silicon Valley a world leader.

Peer groups

Solutions begin with an idea. Industry-specific peer groups, spanning 27 separate industries, meet bi-annually to discuss the challenges and changes in their respective fields, and begin brainstorming ideas to solve those problems. Once aggregated, this feedback is given to a Solutions Team to craft the answers to our region’s most challenging economic development barriers.


Once identified and solved, the challenges that once stood in the way of economic growth can now be turned into problem-solving solutions. Activation teams take the work of IDEA Solutions Teams and implement it, whether in the public policy, private or non-profit spheres. For those ready to lead and implement, Activation Teams are the closers for silicon valley IDEA.

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