Leadership San Jose class of 2016

Leadership San Jose Class of 2016


"Prior to joining Leadership SJ, I thought that the program might consist of sitting in a classroom listening to lectures about leadership.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to engage in conversation with my peers about leadership while learning new ideas about health, art, and education.  These conversations take place at many different locations such as museums, hospitals, theaters and at the police department. We are frequently told to wear comfortable shoes so we can walk from one experience to another!  It's essentially like taking a walking tour of San Jose while learning about how to be a better leader." -LT. Greg Lombardo



Jameeka Aaron  

Lauren Baines  

Orlando Bargas  

Marla Britt Fields

Marie Christine Busque  

Daniel Bozzoto  

Lauren Clemmensen  

Laureen Cortez  

Ryan Cunningham

Katherine Cushing  

Kellie Drenner

Kathryn Exon Smith 

Danny Haeg  

Nathan Ho  

Linh Hoang  

Heather Hooper  


Dean Leyshock  

Gregory Lombardo

Jose Lujano  

Christopher Manning

Alejandra Moreno

Hanh Nguyen

Andrea Perdichizzi

Leslie Perez-Ortiz

Janet Phan-Habib

Gil Rivas

George Sampson

Sonya Schaefer

Jeanne Serpa

Tyler Shewey

Mary Werthman

Jennifer Wilkinson