"My Leadership San Jose Experience" by 2018 Leadership San Jose Alum, Sam Ghadiri

I still remember the nervous excitement I felt as I pulled in to the parking lot of Blach Construction for my first day of Leadership San Jose. It was much akin to starting at a new school and having to make all new friends. Luckily, I didn’t have to eat the catered TOGO’s alone in a bathroom stall. In fact, I was privileged to meet and spend the next 8 hours with 35 other amazing cohort members with such different temperaments, talents, and convictions. I left that day with both a genuine appreciation of my fellow cohort members and deeper understanding of myself.

2019 Leadership San Jose: Rosario Neaves

Rosario Neaves is a dynamic, thoughtful, creative communications expert and spokesperson who has driven results for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, regional businesses and local government. She serves as Director of Communications for the City of San Jose – America’s tenth largest city and the center of innovation in Silicon Valley – where she leads a team of Public Information Officers and is driving a comprehensive communications strategy to strengthen public engagement and ensure government openness and transparency.

2019 Leadership San Jose: Ashleyanne Benham

Ashleyanne is part of the Real Estate and Workplace Services organization at Google.  Prior to joining Google in the summer of 2018, Ashleyanne led Splunk’s build out of 500 Santana Row where she worked with local developers and the city to produce Splunk’s main South Bay campus.