Measure B Will Deliver the Improvements We Need with the Accountability We Deserve

With less than 30 days left until the election, we are now in the home stretch of getting Measure B across the finish line. November 8 will be the culmination of more than a three year effort to relieve traffic congestion and repair roads in Santa Clara County.

Measure B faces a high hurdle, as it needs 66.67 percent of the vote to be successful. The 2/3rds vote requirement ensures that Measure B dollars will go solely to Measure B projects approved by voters.

On top of that, Measure B includes an additional layer of security by requiring a 75 percent vote of the 12 member VTA Board to make even a single change to the Measure. Those safeguards make Measure B one of the most specific and accountable ballot measures in recent memory.

So what does Measure B do exactly? Those details can be found in the official 75-word ballot question.

 To relieve traffic, repair potholes; shall VTA enact a 30-year half-cent sales tax to:

– Repair streets, fix potholes in all 15 cities;
– Finish BART extension to downtown San Jose, Santa Clara;
– Improve bicycle/pedestrian safety, especially near schools;
– Increase Caltrain capacity, easing highway congestion, improving safety at crossings;
– Relieve traffic on all 9 expressways, key highway interchanges;
– Enhance transit for seniors, students, disabled;

Mandating annual audits by independent citizens watchdog committee to ensure accountability.

Each component part of Measure B snaps into place like a jigsaw puzzle, adding up to a comprehensive countywide plan to help reduce traffic and repair our roads.

What does that mean for us?

Local Road Maintenance Funds

  • Each city will receive funds annually, based on population and road miles, over the 30 year span of the measure. For San Jose that amount is more than $580 million

Expressway Congestion Relief

  • Almaden interchange improvements, including:
    • Camden Ave
    • Highway 85
    • Branham Lane
  • Capitol Expressway improvements
    • From Highway 680 to Capitol Ave
  • Montague Expressway improvements
    • From Great Mall to Trade Zone
    • From Trade Zone to Main/Oakland
    • From Trade Zone to McCarthy/O’Toole — lane widening and HOV lane creation

Highway Interchange Improvements

  • S. 101/Mabury
  • I-680 corridor improvements
  • Highway 87 corridor improvements
  • S. 101/Blossom Hill
  • Highway 237 corridor improvements, 237 WB/EB Aux Lanes (North 1st – Coyote Creek/N. 1st to Zanker), 237 Great America WB off-ramp improvements
  • S. 101/Trimble to Zanker improvements
  • Highway 280/Winchester interchange improvements near Santana Row

BART to Silicon Valley Phase Two

  • Four additional BART stations (Alum Rock Station, Downtown San Jose Station, Diridon Station, Santa Clara Station)

Countywide Improvements

  • Mass transit operations, targeting low income, seniors, students and people with disabilities
  • Additional bicycle and pedestrian improvements, especially near schools