On Measure E: Intent is not the issue

San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Matt Mahood responds to this post addressed to him and shared over Twitter:

Despite what Ben Field and other organized labor leaders have said, our members share the desire to see that Dilsa and others obtain full-time work.

Our issue with Measure E has never been intent; it has been that it was crafted without input from the businesses that have to implement it and in a way that leaves business open to unnecessary litigation without actually fixing the problem it was designed to solve. 

If Dilsa and others have an issue with our position, they are still welcome here at the Chamber. The same can not be said of opposing positions inside organized labor. 

I would suggest, in the future, that Dilsa demand of Ben Field that he engage in mature policy-making, at this time in our political process where it was so desperately needed, instead of this type of last-minute political stunt that feels like it came out of Donald Trump’s playbook. Then, next time, we will be in unison on both the intent, and the ordinance.