The SJSV Chamber Staff Become 'Sharks' at Local Elementary School

The SJSV Chamber staff headed to East San Jose today to act as "Sharks" for a third grade class' business presentations.

On Tuesday, May 24, SJSV Chamber staff visited Katherine Smith Elementary to list to and judge multiple third grade classes and their business proposals, in the style of the TV show Shark Tank.

Students presented their products, offered prototypes to be examined and then made an ask for a dollar amount and offered stock in their company.

Company names included:

  • Rubba Dubba Bracelets
  • Bling Bling Jewels
  • Stunning Strikers
  • Slime Clan
  • Jerds

SJSV Chamber staff then graded them on their presenting skills, content, product, viability and overall potential for success and then "invested" accordingly.

This opportunity to engage with our local schools and students is part of our overall community development efforts.

We look forward to the next round!