Ambassador of the month - Casey Quisol

Casey Quisol Headshot (1).jpg

Ambassador: Casey Quisol, RFI

Length of membership: 11 years

Why she engaged with The SJSV Chamber: I was instructed by my boss at the time to attend the BRN we already paid for. Once I really learned what opportunities the Chamber can offer, I decided to attend every event and meet as many people as possible. I was new to sales so I needed to grow my network.

The benefits: Being an Ambassador has not only helped me grow my network but it also gave me the opportunity to be more connected to the Chamber. I feel I am more informed and I have some inside knowledge most members don’t have or know of.

Words of advice: I encourage every member to get engaged and learn all the Chamber offers. There is something you will be passionate about or really enjoy doing. The more you put in, the more you get out. Being a directory listing isn’t enough.