San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Endorses Measure F

The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors took a support position on the City of San Jose’s Measure F – Alternative Pension Reform Act at its Sept. 29 board meeting.

The board heard from proponents on both sides of the proposed measure and, after a vibrant discussion – moved forward with the endorsement.

“We believe that this measure is a sound compromise to solve the increasing public safety issues the city of San Jose has seen in recent years,” said Matthew Mahood, President & CEO of the SJSV Chamber. “The Chamber believes that this measure will allow our city to move forward and offer relief to our whole community, who’s economic health is directly impacted by the quality of life challenges that come with an understaffed police force and other essential city services.”

On Tuesday, August 2 the San Jose City Council discussed placing an alternate pension reform measure on the November ballot, subsequently Measure F. The Council approved of the Alternative Pension Reform Act ballot measure on a 10-1 vote in turn placing it before the voters on November 8, 2016 for a public vote. The Alternative Pension Reform Settlement frameworks agreed to by the City and its bargaining units replace the terms of the June 2012 ballot measure known as “Measure B” and as contemplated in the Alternative Pension Reform Settlement Frameworks approved by the City and the City bargaining groups to settle the litigation resulting from Measure B.

The City of San Jose is currently involved in litigation over the June 2012 pension reform ballot measure known as “Measure B.” On June 5, 2012, Measure B was approved by the voters and has subsequently been the subject of various forms of litigation. In an effort to settle these cases, the City Council directed City staff to make any and all reasonable efforts to reach and implement a settlement this year thus resulting in this Alternate Pension Reform Measure.

“Although the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber was a chief proponent for the passage of Measure B, it is time to turn the page so we can all focus on growing our city’s economy by improving our quality of life and grow our employment base,” Mahood added.

The SJSV Chamber has also endorsed the following in the upcoming November election:

  • Measure B
  • Measure D
  • Measure Y
  • Prop. 54

The SJSV Chamber opposed:

  • Measure E
  • Measure L
  • Prop. 53

The SJSV Chamber remained neutral on:

  • Measure A
  • Measure G