Chamber VP of Public Policy Attends STEMHub Business Conference in LA

As part of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce’s ongoing work in workforce develpoment, Derrick Seaver, SJSV Chamber VP of Public Policy, attended the STEMHub Business Conference on Next Generation Science Standards at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. This event, held Oct. 6, was put on by the LA Chamber and Achieve, a national advocacy organization promoting college and career readiness, and was attended by 50 business and education leaders from across the state.

The California Department of Education detailed the important role that California, and particularly California businesses, play in the promotion of NGSS.

“The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) will bring science instruction up to date. NGSS emphasizes a deeper focus on understanding the cross-cutting concepts within and across scientific disciplines. These new standards integrate engineering practices with science practices to help students understand the workings of science and the natural world. They also provide a coherent progression of learning from kindergarten through grade 12, so students learn step by step the knowledge and skills they need for college and careers.

California was among the lead states that developed the standards, in a voluntary process conducted in an open and collaborative way over the last 18 months. California teachers, scientists, college professors, business and industry leaders, and educational experts all took part in an 80-member California NGSS review team that thoroughly examined the standards five times.”

This work, and its importance to the businesses that call California home, is at the center of the SJSV Chamber’s workforce education advocacy and action, specifically through its new public-private program called STRIVE San Jose.

Learn more about this initiative and its inception here.