The SVO Kicks Off #HeartofSV Campaign


Did you know ... love is great for our economy. 

According to the National Federation of Retailers, consumers spent approximately $19.7 billion on Valentine's Day in 2016 and while department stores saw the lions share of spending [34.5%] our local small businesses didn't miss out on the action, pulling in 15% of the total spent in 2016.

At The silicon valley organization, we pride ourselves on the work we do for not only the regional business community but also the work that goes into the city we call home, the Heart of Silicon Valley: San Jose.

Did you know ...

  • Of our 1,400 members, 80% are small-to-medium sized businesses
  • 89% are located within Santa Clara County
  • 61% are located within San Jose

As The Mercury News wrote last month:

"What says the most to us about its commitment to San Jose is that its headquarters is at Santa Clara and Market Streets — in the very heart of downtown. That makes it our “silicon valley organization.”

We are kicking off a month-long campaign to share with our members, our partners and our community what this great city means to us, and how we always have it front and center with our efforts around small and medium sized business, networking, advocacy, workforce education and development, leadership development, volunteerism and philanthropy.

We will share resources offered through our commerce san jose brand, which is hyper-focused on the needs of our San Jose businesses, through tenacious advocacy and consistent opportunities to connect.

We will share insight on how our work with our strive san jose program not only brings business and education together within San Jose but does it to better equip some 40,000 high school students within three school districts to succeed in their future careers, powering the businesses that call Silicon Valley home.

And we will offer opportunities to engage with the leaders of our community through our signature leadership san jose program, combining opportunities to engage on women's issues as well as learning more about the needs of our aging community.

Follow along with us with the hashtag #HeartofSV. Our members, community partners and staff will share their reasons to love this great city we call our own and we encourage you to share your reasons and thoughts about this unique city too.