2017 leadership san jose: Inez Evans


Name: Inez Evans

Company: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Inez Evans, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), has over 20 years’ experience in the public transportation industry.

At the VTA she is in charge of 1800 employees, including bus and train operators and mechanics, and office management and support staff. The VTA network includes 502 buses and 99 light rail trains and covers 346 square miles.

Her ability to adapt quickly to changes and challenges – and her ability to guide her staff to do the same – has helped her navigate the day-to-day vagaries of working with a large, diverse public and navigating the layers of bureaucracy that is inherent at such an organization. Her great sense of humor has not hurt either…

But that is just her day job! Inez manages to eke out time to engage in personal DIY projects such as landscaping her properties and re-decorating her home, including everything down to her favorite, tile work. Give her a toolkit and she will envision it, make it happen and share the fruits of her labor with family and friends.

Classically trained in opera, she sings all styles of music – country, jazz, gospel and pop. Inez has been known to break out into song whenever the passion overtakes her. This makes for a lively work environment, especially during stressful projects for her and her team.  Her gift to making people smile through her singing is one reason that she is a joy to work with/for.

Inez says she is a country girl at heart. She takes pride in her time in Texas, raising her four boys and her ranch there where, from Silicon Valley, she still manages a herd of Angus cows on her property. Love is in the kitchen and Inez knows how to whip up some tasty meals for her friends and family and for her hardworking staff. Hard to believe, but Inez is a proud “Mimi” to her four young grandchildren, whom she spoils at every opportunity.   

No matter what she is doing, with Inez, the drive from zero to completion often feels like 60 seconds.  She is smart, innovative, organized and her motto is “let’s get ‘er done!”

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