San Jose Makes List of Top 10 Fastest Growing Large Cities in America

San Jose

By all accounts, San Jose is growing.

Employers are expanding, new ones are eyeing the city for their next campus and developers are breaking ground to build out the city's core. Adding to the growing list of recent accolades, San Jose adds fastest growing large city in America.

According to, San Jose was named 2017’s 6th Fastest-Growing Large City in America.

Credit: WalletHub

Credit: WalletHub

To determine where the most rapid local economic growth occurred over a period of seven years, WalletHub’s analysts compared 515 U.S. cities across 15 key metrics.

The data set ranges from population growth to college-educated population growth to unemployment rate decrease. In addition, WalletHub produced a separate ranking by city size.  

Economic Growth in San Jose (1=Fastest-Growing; 258=Avg.)

  • 169th – Population Growth
  • 49th – Median Household Income Growth
  • 55th – Job Growth
  • 1st – Regional GDP Growth
  • 80th – Unemployment Rate Decrease
  • 113th – Growth in Number of Businesses
  • 120th – Working-Age Population Growth
  • 131st – Foreclosure Rate Decrease
  • 65th – Median House Price Growth

San Jose ranks 45th overall and 6th in terms of large-city growth.