3 Ways Your Business Can Catch the Pokémon Regional Championship Foot Traffic

17_Pokemon Regional Championship GIF.gif

By Mackenzie Verrey, SVO Communications Intern

If you are a business in downtown San Jose, the Pokémon North American Regional Championships presents an opportunity to catch more foot traffic.

With over 500 people interested in the event on Facebook, the San Jose Pokémon Regional Championship is a part of the second largest series for battling in Pokémon TCG and video game.

With no qualification or residency restriction to enter, adult and child players alike will flock to the San Jose Convention Center on Saturday, Nov. 25 for the fifth Championship of the season. Starting at 7:30 AM, players will battle their way into the Top Cut rounds that take place on Sunday, Nov. 26.

Are you ready to catch them all?

Here are three ways to lure the players to your downtown San Jose business:

1. Pokémon Go: The app has been downloaded over 750 million times according to the app’s creator, Niantic. The in-person Pokémon players might also want to take to the Pokémon Go App at some point during the weekend. 

Your business doesn’t have to double as a gym or Pokestop for you to take advantage of the platform. You can activate lure modules on nearby Pokestops or gyms to ensure more foot traffic in your general area.

2. In-Person Promotions: Create Pokémon-themed signs and flyers that offer discounts or something special just for Pokémon players. Catch the attention of the hundreds of Pokémon players and spectators en route to the event.

If they end up liking your Pokémon special, they might just tell all of their Pokémon loving friends about it at the Championship.

3. Social Media: Use #playpokemon and @pokemon to be visible in front of other social media users talking about the San Jose Pokémon Regional Championships.

Using the hashtag for the event or tagging Pokémon in a post about a promotion or a simple good luck wish for Pokémon players will put you in front of the Championship attendees in a virtual space.

Good luck!


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