A LOVE Letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

It has been the pleasure of strive san jose to have you as a partner. We may be new to the scene, but you have long been a supporter of education here in Silicon Valley. You spearheaded the TEALS program to increase the number of qualified computer science teachers. Microsoft also fought this battle on the policy front, advocating for AB 2329 to expand computer science education in California.  But we especially want to thank you for your time and investments in strive san jose! Here are just a few of the awesome things you’re doing:

  • Hosting the Strive Workforce Development Summit at your Mountain View Campus on April 28

  • Opening up the Microsoft Store at Valley Fair for our inaugural Job Shadow Day's with SJUSD, offering job shadow activities for San Jose students in February

  • Providing a location for our Internship Summit where 200 high school students will prepare to rock their interviews for summer internships on June 9 & 12

So thank you Microsoft!


strive san jose