Guest Post: Santa Clara Valley OSA's 3 Things to Make You Fall in Love with San Jose

Written by Marc Landgraf, External Affairs Manager, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority has been an SVO member for two years, since 2015.


The Open Space Authority loves San Jose for its incredible diversity-- in cultures, ages, personalities and points of view – thatmake it vibrant and prosperous.We love that San Jose is the hub of Silicon Valley and you can connect with nature and open spaces within city limits or just outside them. The Valley provides many opportunities to get outside and interact with nature. Here are three activities to do in open spaces that we think will make you fall in love with San Jose too.


1. Hiking in Your Backyard

San Jose includes and is surrounded by many miles of hiking trails that offer a variety of views from rolling hills to creeks to cityscapes. For example, just 20 minutes from downtown you can hike the Arrowhead Trail at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve and enjoy these sights along with the numerous benefits of nature. Come to hike, mountain bike, ride your horse, or just sit and watch the diversity of wildlife that live in Coyote Valley. All our preserves are open year-round, free to visit, and provide opportunities to connect with nature, spend quality time with your friends and family, or just take some time for yourself.


2. Sunsets at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve is located in the Eastern foothills of San Jose, just above Alum Rock Park. This 1,611-acre preserve overlooks the Bay Area, from Coyote Valley to the Baylands. You can take a hike or just enjoy the spectacular views from our parking lot, which closes a half hour after sunset. It’s a photo opportunity you don’t want to miss!


3. Healthy Parks Healthy People

Health and relaxation areimportant in the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the Open Space Authority has joined its partners Santa Clara County Parks, MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District and others in offering local Healthy Parks Healthy People outdoor programs, like the Tai Chi program pictured above. We invite you to enjoy gentle exercise in beautiful outdoor settings including city and county parks and open space preserves. Our programsare part of a larger Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative that promotes healthy activities across the entire Bay Area!

The Open Space Authority wants you to experience nature and everything it offers, all you need to do is come discover it!

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The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority conserves the natural environment, supports agriculture and connects people to nature, by protecting open spaces, natural areas, and working farms and ranches for future generations.