Guest Post: Winchester Mystery House 3 Things to Make You Fall in Love with San Jose

Written by Jake Williams, The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House has been an SVO member for 80 years, since 1937.

The Winchester Mystery House loves San Jose for a myriad of reasons. In fact, we probably have more reasons to appreciate this city than we have numbers of doors and windows in this house! We love that Sarah Winchester chose this city to build her grand estate, and we love that this has been a part of the city’s beautiful history. We love that the Silicon Valley is constantly moving forward, and yet one thing always remains: the history of which this Valley was built upon.

Here are three things that make you fall in love with San Jose.


1. The Winchester Mystery House is more than just a roadside attraction – it is representative of global cultures and styles from years past.

The beauty of San Jose is that there is a rich diversity in culture and styles. Sarah herself appreciated this, as she incorporated architectural styles from Asia and Europe. The House itself is predominately designed in the Queen Anne style, while some rooms within the house maintain a distinctly Asian theme. She appreciated the world around her, and you can see that in all the beautiful small details of the house.


2. Sarah Winchester was one of the first leading ladies in the South Bay area to incorporate any new technology.

From general electricity to elevators or staff intercom systems, Sarah Winchester was an avid early adopter of any new technology. She was the first in the area to build an electric elevator, as well as build an ingenious call system throughout the house for her employees to be reached by her. There’s much more she integrated into the house, so to learn more, take our Mansion Tour.


3. The House is more than just history of the past.

Since 2016, we’ve crafted a Hallowe’en event from the story of Sarah’s experience with the Boston medium, Adam Coons. This was an integral part of her whole reasoning to come to California in the first place, as he advised her to leave the east coast, head west to buy a house and never stop building.

We tell that story every fall through our Hallowe’en Candlelight Tours, and give you a chilling tale through the dark labyrinth of Sarah’s house, and her mind.