The SVO's Official Statement Regarding Opportunity to Work

The silicon valley organization opposed the November Opportunity to Work ballot measure for four main reasons.

First, and overarchingly, we do not believe that policy which places significant regulation on small business should be done without business input; Measure E was developed without feedback from the San Jose business community.

Second, we felt that the ordinance would be a windfall for frivolous lawsuits against employers by leaving open many key provisions for interpretation, including the amount of time employees had to respond to the request for additional hours and the definition of applicable skills for the employment in additional hours.

Third, we felt that the ordinance placed San Jose at a competitive disadvantage with other regions that did not have such regulations in place.

Fourth, we felt that this ordinance would ultimately cost jobs in San Jose; although well-intentioned, this would hinder employers – particularly seasonal, food service and retail employers – from expanding their employment rolls.

Since the measure has taken effect, The SVO has worked with the City of San Jose – namely the Office of Equality Assurance – to assist in the drafting of FAQ’s for employers, hosting information seminars, and working to ensure that all employers in San Jose are aware of the requirements for compliance with the ordinance.

We are extremely thankful for the manner in which the City has conducted this work. Although we did not and do not support the ordinance, all employers in the City are committed to compliance and we are working to help make that as seamless as possible.

Lastly, nothing has shifted our position on Measure E since the November election. We remain opposed to its passage and will be tracking its impact on San Jose business. Additionally, we are opposed to Assembly Bill 5 (Gonzalez), a measure introduced in Sacramento attempting to codify opportunity to work at the state level.