Federal Legislation: H.R. 5 the Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA)

Federal Legislation: H.R. 5 the Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA)

Updated May 25

The bill aims to eliminate overly-burdensome red tape and regulations in order to lift unnecessary burdens on hardworking Americans and to promote jobs, innovation, and economic growth.

The Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 is strong, bipartisan reform to solve the problem of overreaching, ill-considered, insufficiently checked-and-balanced federal regulation. It brings together six separate reform bills that have already passed the House with bipartisan support in previous Congresses. Collectively, its provisions would:

  • Require agencies to choose the lowest-cost rulemaking alternative that meets statutory objectives and require greater opportunity for public input and vetting of critical information—especially for major and billion-dollar rules. (Title I—Regulatory Accountability Act)
  • Repeal the Chevron and Auer doctrines to end judicial deference to bureaucrats’ statutory and regulatory interpretations. (Title II—Separation of Powers Restoration Act)
  • Require agencies to account for the direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts of new regulations on small businesses—and find flexible ways to reduce them. (Title III—Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act)
  • Prohibit new billion-dollar rules from taking effect until courts can resolve timely-filed litigation challenging their promulgation. (Title IV—REVIEW Act)
  • Force agencies to publish online, timely information about regulations in development and their expected nature, costs, and timing. (Title V—ALERT Act)
  • Publish plain-language, online summaries of new proposed rules, so the public can understand what agencies actually propose to do. (Title VI—Providing Accountability Through Transparency Act)


STATUS:  Hearings held in Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship on March 29, 2017

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