The SVO Partners with US Chamber of Commerce on Day-Long Forum

Derrick Seaver US Chamber of Commerce

The United States Chamber of Commerce, through their Institute for Legal Reform and Technology Engagement Center (TEC), hosted a day-long forum on Emerging Technologies and Torts of the Future, in partnership with The silicon valley organization.

The forum focused on four key industry areas:

  • cybersecurity
  • drone (UAVs)
  • the sharing economy
  • autonomous vehicles

and how to handle the changing regulatory and litigation environment that has followed their growth.

Derrick Seaver, Executive Vice President of The SVO, presented the mission of The SVO to the attendees and introduced Morgan Wallace, Counsel at Lyft, Inc., who discussed the sharing economy and its impact.

“Silicon Valley IDEA is committed to improving business velocity and quality of life for the businesses of Silicon Valley IDEA," said Derrick Seaver, The SVO Executive Vice President. "You cannot have those discussions in the 21st century without discussing the regulatory and litigation environment and how it is constantly shifting. These emerging technologies are changing the way we understand advocacy and governing, and we were honored to partner with the United States Chamber of Commerce to bring this discussion to its front door here in Silicon Valley.”