silicon valley IDEA Solutions Team: Ralyssa Robinson

Ralyssa Robinson silicon valley IDEA

Name: Ralyssa Robinson

Title: Account Coordinator

Company: Bozzuto Insurance

Getting involved in this silicon valley IDEA millennial engagement solutions team was particularly important to me because, as a millennial, I want very much to utilize the benefits that my peers have to offer.

I believe that millennials are under-represented in the business sector and I recognize that part of this may be due to a difference in work styles and the career goal of millennials compared to other generations.

I hope that with this solutions team we can start to bridge that gap and as a result foster more involvement from the millennial generation in business.

The millennial workforce is somewhat an untapped resource right now. Others should get involved in this solutions team because there is tremendous opportunity in utilizing millennial’s singular way of thinking. While others are tentative about hiring them, those involved can employ and profit from millennials unique perspective and skill set and simultaneously strengthen the workforce that will eventually inherit various industries.

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