The SVO Reaches Out to Supervisors Yeager, Simitian on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Re: Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Dear Supervisors: 

Previously, The silicon valley organization (The SVO) sent Supervisors Ken Yeager and Joe Simitian stating our strong concern and opposition to the following policy recommendation: 

“Requiring advertisements for sugar-sweetened beverages to display a health warning. 

Requiring health information be posted where SSBs are sold to inform consumers of the health impacts of these beverages.” 

We are also in strong opposition to the following recommendation: 

“Revise the language in Ordinance Code, Chapter 22 (XXII), Division A18, to prohibit restaurants from (1) offering drinks other than water or milk, with no added sweeteners, in combination with a kids’ meal and (2) providing incentive items linked to the purchase of a drink other than water or milk, with no added sweetener;” 

We believe these proposals seriously limits parental choice and will result in parents having to pay more from their already stretched pocketbook. While we would prefer the county to not move in this direction, we would support adopting an ordinance like the one for the city of Davis – where they require “restaurants to include water or milk as the default beverage in children’s meals, unless a parent specifically requests a sugar-sweetened beverage for their child.” 

The SVO represents over 1,400 businesses – our membership has responded and complied with multiple regulations, increased taxes, and cost of business increases during the last several years. These two proposals will stifle business growth and is the last thing our members need. 

For these reasons, we oppose the proposed recommendations and urge you to do the same.