The SVO Encourages San Jose City Council to Include Private Sector in Downtown Sign District

SUBJECT: Item 4.2 Downtown Sign District and Citywide Electronic Billboards

Dear San Jose City Council Members: 

On behalf of The silicon valley organization (The SVO), I am writing to encourage Council to direct staff to pursue item(c) of agenda item 4.2 which would see staff report back on the available off-premise advertising opportunities on non-City owned sites in the Downtown Sign Zone. 

Staff’s current direction is to implement the workplan for City owned and controlled sites, which as noted in the April 12 CED memorandum would only include a small number of quality sites. Consequently, we would like to underpin staff’s direction to transition towards the private sector for advertising opportunities once the workplan for City sites has been implemented. With private sector inclusion and management the number of qualifying sites would increase and the visibility and outreach of business in the Downtown Sign District would be enhanced. 

Please consider directing staff to expand their focus and commitment to the private sector to allow for off premise signage on privately owned property.