Federal Approval of Caltrain Electrification a Win for Silicon Valley

Caltrain Electrification

The Federal Transit Administration announced today that the San Jose-San Francisco corridor of Caltrain would be electrified as part of the grant agreement signed today. 

 “Transportation infrastructure is a critical need for the businesses and citizens of Silicon Valley, and because of that, our public policy team made Caltrain electrification a top priority issue when they were in Washington three weeks ago representing our members to Congress,” said Matt Mahood, President & CEO of The Silicon Valley Organization. “Our team, on behalf of our members, met with our area’s Congressional leaders, as well as California and national leadership on both sides of the aisle advocating for this funding. We are extraordinarily pleased with this decision, and wish to congratulate our federal officials on placing sound policy over politics and doing the right thing for Silicon Valley and California’s economy.”

The 47-mile corridor stretching along the Peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose, which is home to companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Adobe is indispensable to the regional economy and a healthy workforce. The project would convert old worn down diesel rail cars to electric, bringing the railway corridor into the 21st century and employing 9,600 workers right here in the United States.

Today's news marks the approval of the $647 million needed in order to start the $1.9 billion project that will electrify the existing rail system and also purchase electric trains in order to cut commutes and raise passenger capacity.