SJSV Chamber VP of Public Policy Speaks to Local Students on Career Day

An astronaut. A doctor. A lawyer. A teacher. ... A Politician? What's your Career Day story?

SJSV Chamber's very own Derrick Seaver went out into the community today to speak with students from Katherine Smith Elementary School in East San Jose for their Career Day activities. He shared his story, what his industry is like and how to get a job in politics.

But before he could dive in, Seaver begins with the question: What is a Chamber of Commerce?

"Do you know what a club is?" he asked. "It's a group of people that like the same things, that share similar interests, they do the same stuff. Well, the Chamber of Commerce is a club for business. What we do is help those businesses with government. We help them figure out how to make things better for their business."

After the presentation, Seaver had a group of 20 students participate in a polling activity to show the importance of the public's opinion on issues to current politicians and those looking to run.

SJSV Chamber works with schools like Katherine Smith Elementary School as part of its overall community development efforts.