2017 Strive Summit - Patty Nation

Patty Nation Xilinx

Name: Patty Nation

Company: Xilinx

Title: Director of Global Corporate and Community Engagement

Why is it necessary for organizations like The SVO to get involved in education and workforce development?

It is important for SVO to be the “connector” of the many stakeholders engaged in education and workforce development.  SVO can be the catalyst to build sustainable public-private partnerships that address the ever increasing need in our community for students that are prepared for gainful employment.  Without a multi-faceted workforce we as leaders in our community do our students and our community a disservice.  There are many career/college pathways available for the next generation of a global workforce and the best talent is in Silicon Valley and when we work together with a strong focused leader we can make a difference.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges within workforce development in Silicon Valley?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is the mindset of employers, parents and educators.  There are many great and rewarding careers that are often overlooked or diminished in their worth.  A deeper and more open conversation and understanding is needed around careers/tech pathways and or college.  Many careers are not thought of as “tech” – Automotive, Cosmetology, Electrician etc. but they are.  Not to mention a lack of business acumen and financial literacy so that the next generation of business owners can be nurtured in Silicon Valley and stay in Silicon Valley.

In your opinion, what should PRIORITY 1 be and why?

Educate, Communicate and Engage the stakeholders about what the real issues are and how to address them.  Demonstrate measurable and actionable steps towards achieving a collective goal and what does success look like – TAKE ACTION.

The 2017 Strive Summit took place on Friday, April 28 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Mountain View. The Strive Summit brought together business and industry leaders who are pursuing innovative strategies around building their talent pipelines and creating career pathways for Silicon Valley students. The summit featured an industry panel that discussed the business case for investing in career pathways and included the following industry speakers:

  • Patty Nation, Director of Global Corporate and Community Engagement, Xilinx
  • Melina Wyatt, Manager of This Way Ahead, The Gap
  • Josue Garcia, CEO, Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Brynt Parmeter, Director of Workforce Development, NextFlex
  • Christian Pellechia, Vice President of Operation, Slatter Construction