2017 leadership san jose: Anish Singh

Anish Singh

Name: Anish Singh

Company: Bridge Bank

Anish Singh is a commercial banking analyst at Bridge Bank and specializes in providing capital to innovative technology companies in Silicon Valley. 

He supports management by mitigating credit risk and influencing lending decisions. His prior experience includes social impact investing, operations analysis, and education. 

Anish has an M.B.A from Santa Clara University and a B.S. in Finance from the University of Kansas. He is passionate about advancing educational, cultural, and athletic opportunities for children and young adults. 

He serves as a mentor at Ocala Middle School through the Alum Rock Counseling Center and strives to provide assistance, friendship, and motivation to the students he works with. Anish is also a mentor at James Lick High School through iMentor, an organization focused on guiding students along a three-year path to high school graduation. 

Anish supports various organizations throughout the Bay Area including KQED, Upwardly Global, and Junior Achievement of Northern California. Anish is a member of the San Jose Kendo Dojo and he enjoys foreign movies, documentaries, art museums, reading books about Ancient Greece and Rome, and playing chess.

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