City Approval of Exclusive Negotiations First Step in Downtown Transformation

Courtesy  Trammell Crow

Courtesy Trammell Crow

Picture this:

Currently, there's approximately 28,000 full-time employees and 10 million square feet of active office space in the downtown. The proposed Google development in the Diridon Station Area could potentially be 8 million square feet and add 20,000 full-time employees to the downtown. They are also estimating it would create 7,000 daily bikers to work.

This project would literally double the size and scope of the existing downtown. Helping to facilitate this development project will change the look of downtown San Jose for decades.

Engadget is calling it Googletown - since the project will be up to 5X the size of the new Apple campus.

The potential development - and investment - Google can make into the San Jose economy is significant:

  • 20,000 jobs
  • Millions in tax revenue
  • Activation of an area of San Jose that is under utilized

See an image of the parcels in question on The Mercury News here.

Read the City of San Jose's official Diridon Station Area Plan here.

The SVO has voiced its support of the project again and again. 

Just recently, our President & CEO Matt Mahood was quoted in the Silicon Valley Business Journal as saying:

“We should be rolling out the red carpet and figuring how quickly we can get the regulatory burdens out of way and get under construction,” he said. “And not just the Google project but other projects looking to downtown San Jose as a new epicenter for Silicon Valley. We should be taking advantage of this renewed interest while the interest is high.” - Why the Silicon Valley Organization opposed 'local hire' rules on San Jose's Google deal

“I think it’s paramount that we think big and think long term. If we don’t build big enough and grand enough, it’s really hard to go back and redo that. You want to think about not just the transportation nodes of today but of the future.” - Downtown San Jose will feel Google’s ripple effect

“We can ill afford to have a new barrage of regulatory hurdles and hoops placed in front of developers and investors that may make projects infeasible or unprofitable,” wrote Matt Mahood, the SVO’s president and CEO, in an email to the Business Journal. “Developers will always take their projects to the cities and regions where they are welcomed and can make a decent return. If we don’t provide the right environment for developers and investors, they will take their projects to other regions where it will make more sense for them to build.” - Could labor union demands sink Google’s San Jose ambitions?

And on broadcast news stations NBC & ABC:

"Today’s announcement is catalytic. Attracting Google to downtown San Jose is a game changer for the future development of Diridon Station, the surrounding area and all of downtown San Jose.” - San Jose, Google Working to Transform Diridon Station

“This is the type of development opportunity that create jobs in the city of San Jose. Jobs equal tax revenue for the city of San Jose, which helps create financial stability for the city of San Jose, who’s had a rough go at it compared to other cities in Silicon Valley.” - San Jose mayor to discuss talks with Google on Diridion station development