State Legislation: AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer) Counties and cities: contracts for personal services

AB 1250

Updated July 27, 2017

AB 1250 imposes costs on contractors in order to bid on contracts with cities and counties for personal services such as legal, accounting, and waste hauling with cities and counties. The bill requires the agency to conduct a very specific and detailed cost-benefit analysis that includes, but is not limited to, impacts on the environment, impact on the ability of the agency to provide social services, and impact on local businesses in the case of reduced spending power as a result of reduced wages of the contract. The prospective contractors would be required to reimburse the agency for the cost of the analysis, thereby imposing a fee for bidding. Furthermore, the agencies would be required to conduct a performance audit that would also be paid for by the contractor. 

This measure also brings up privacy concerns for our members and it is unclear why the posting of this personal information benefits the public.  Under AB 1250 the contractor would be required to submit, and the local agency to post to a public and searchable website, as follows:

  • Total compensation, including salaries and benefits, the contractor provides to workers performing work similar to that to be provided under the contract.
  • Total compensation, including salaries, benefits, options, and any other form of compensation, provided to the five highest compensated officers, directors, executives, or employees of the contractor.
  • Names of all employees of the contractor and their hourly pay rates.


STATUS: Re-Referred to Senate Appropriations.


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