GUEST POST: Il Fornaio Invites You for an Authentic Italian Experience During Dine Downtown

Il Fornaio (eel for-NIGH-oh, “the baker” in Italian) first opened as a Baking School in Balassina, Italy and expanded into Old World neighborhood bakeries, first in Italy, then brought to the United States as an independent Il Fornaio (America) in the 1980s.

In January of 1987, the concept was extended beyond bakeries to include full-service restaurants.  For the first time, the American dining-out public began to understand that not all-Italian food was red-sauced and laden with cheese. They tasted the sublime flavors of simple dishes using fresh high-quality ingredients, the same way food is prepared in every province, in every region of Italy. Healthier cooking methods like rotisseries and wood-burning ovens - used for centuries in Italy - became the foundation of the Il Fornaio experience.

Il Fornaio’s goal was, and still is (30 years later), to offer the most authentic Italian dining experience available outside of Italy. Our philosophy emphasizes serving the highest-quality food from the freshest ingredients in stylishly comfortable surroundings, while providing exceptional value.

Our Chef has put together a delicious menu featuring some of his all-time favorite dishes available at a very special price just for Dine Downtown San Jose Restaurant Week!  We eagerly await your visit to join the Il Fornaio Famiglia!

Il Fornaio has been a member of The SVO since 1992.