SVO Women: Lina Guzman, Executive Assistant & HR Administrator

Lina Guzman

Name: Lina Guzman

Company: The silicon valley organization

Title:  Executive Assistant and HR Administrator

How long have you been a part of The SVO? 

13 years

Why did you choose to work at The SVO? What about what you do keeps you here? 

I believe in the vision and mission of The SVO and our partner organizations. Watching companies and their people grow by using their membership to make connections and increase their brand awareness is something special to witness. I also admire the work of our various departments for their dedication to our members and to the community. It’s not only members who grow due to the efforts of our staff – our city and neighborhoods thrive as well.

I’m here to support our CEO, staff and volunteers. We have an impressive and diverse group of people who use their talents to improve our quality of life in Silicon Valley and anything I can do to the benefit of those individuals is well worth my time.

What was your first job like? 

I was a sales clerk at the Macy’s Juniors Department. I just remember having way too much fun.

Describe your current job. 

I never know what to expect when I wake up in the morning, which is kind of great. One day I am absorbed by board work and the next day I am immersed in IT or building maintenance, taking care of employee matters or chatting with our insurance brokers. My days are far more unpredictable than my title suggests, and it keeps me interested and on my toes.

What has been a career high point for you thus far? 

The minute I realized how much I could do on my own. It’s easy for executive staff to want to baby or mother you. The minute you don’t have that anymore, you panic. The second you realize you don’t need it anymore, you fly.

What words of advice can you share for other professional women working in the Silicon Valley? 

Generally speaking, women second guess themselves, and apologize – a LOT. Stop apologizing and start believing in your abilities. You are not here by accident, but by your own design.

On August 26, 2017, Women’s Equality Day is celebrated across the nation. To celebrate, The SVO is highlighting some of the women who choose to make their mark in Silicon Valley business - SVO members & SVO staff - through the SVO Women series.