SVO Women: Mayra Flores De Marcotte, VP of Communications

Mayra Flores De Marcotte

Name: Mayra Flores De Marcotte

Company: The silicon valley organization

Title: VP, Communications 

How long have you been part of The SVO?

2 years

Why did you choose to work at The SVO? What about what you do keeps you here?

I believe in the mission of the organization and the team that works endlessly behind the scenes to make Silicon Valley the best place to live, work, play and do business in. I want to put my knowledge and network to good use at a place that had a positive impact on the place I called home. That's exactly what The SVO does every day. Bonus points if there's autonomy - which there is.

What was your first job like?

My parents had a booth at the Capitol Flea Market when I was growing up. I worked most weekends and, during the summers, week days since the age of 9 up until high school, first with the assembly of the tent and tables for our merchandise and then as a sales woman driving hard bargains with unsuspecting customers.

Describe your current job.

Every day is different. Some days I spend creating content for our social media channels, visuals to aid the story and more while other days I'm writing talking points for speaking engagements, messaging documents to support our programs, even rebranding a 131-year-old organization. Most days I get to spend ideating with my awesome coworkers on how to keep pushing our organization forward, new ways to tell the story and new angles to approach things. I even get to convene my colleagues at partner organizations to ensure that our collective efforts are driving impact and brand awareness for this place we like to call home.

What has been a career high-point for you thus far?

I am fortunate enough to be in the position of answering MANY! Being recognized for my work in the journalism field with multiple John Swett Awards, taking a Silicon Valley company from stealth mode to launch as a digital PR professional; and most recently working with an incredibly dedicated team to rebrand, re-envision and relaunch a 131-year-old organization.

What words of advice can you share with other professional women working in Silicon Valley?

Here in Silicon Valley, we are surrounded by extremely bright and creative individuals. Be an active part of the discussion and bring others to the table. Collaboration can take you everywhere.

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