Celebrating SVO Women in August

SVO Women

A diverse team makes for a stronger business. 

This is more than just a belief. It's a business strategy adopted by many Silicon Valley companies vying to stay ahead of their competition.

SVO members like Apple, Google and Microsoft are onboard as are countless others who recognize that increasing diversity increases the bottom line. An important aspect of diversity is gender diversity. 

At The SVO, 75% of the team, or 12 out of its 16 employees, are women. The SVO's internal leadership team, 66% are women.

On August 26, 2017, Women’s Equality Day is celebrated across the nation. To celebrate, The SVO is highlighting some of the women who choose to make their mark in Silicon Valley business - SVO members & SVO staff - through the SVO Women series.

Our month-long features include stories about first jobs, current jobs, career highlights and advice to other women working in Silicon Valley.

Our contributors include women who own and run their own businesses to women who lead their business as part of upper management; women who leave a mark at the companies they choose to work at; women starting out in their careers; women who are established in their careers; even those who made the jump from one career to another.

The narrative around women in business has been evolving over the decades. The impact of women in business is now starting to be appreciated and backed up by research.

Recently released by the SBA Office of Advocacy, Women's Business Ownership: Data from the 2012 Survey of Business Owners shared hard data on the economic impact of women-owned business.

One stand-out stat states: The 9.9 million businesses that are majority-owned by women contribute $1.4 trillion in sales to the economy. Read the full report here.

Did you know that women make up 40% of all new entrepreneurs in the United States - the highest since 1996?

In CNBC's Inaugural Upstart 25 list, 10 of the listed start-ups are founded by women.

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But while the importance and impact of women in business is being seen more and more, throughout the country and right here in Silicon Valley, there's still much work to be done, as evidenced by these survey results and the subsequent media coverage.

If you feel moved by these and are curious about what you can do about it, join us this fall for the return of our second Women Engaged! series to meet with and learn from other engaged women in the Bay.

Every week, we will have new SVO Women profiles on members and staff. Follow along on social media: #SVOWomen