SVO Women: Lennies Gutierrez, Comcast

Lennies Gutierrez

Name: Lennies Monique Gutierrez

Company: Comcast

Title: Director of Government Affairs

How long has your business been a part of The SVO?

Since 1977

Why is it important to your business to be a part of The SVO?

Comcast is a Fortune 50 company and offers services in 39 states. Locally, by being engaged with The SVO via the board and committees I get information on current policy issues from one organization. In turn, there are opportunities for my business counterparts to be active and attend receptions, events, or engage in more active roles like SVO Ambassadors. The recent rebranding of The SVO was also received well as it showcases the organization as innovative and willing to engage in more regional issues like economic development, workforce education initiatives, and emerging technologies, while maintaining a local pulse on issues effecting businesses.

What was your first job like?

My first summer job during high school was working at my Dad’s law office filing papers.  I’m from a small town, Dixon, California and when I was in high school jobs were limited to young students. Working at my Dad’s law office gave me the opportunity to earn money for back to school and I also got to see what my Dad did on a daily basis. He was one of very few Spanish-speaking attorneys in Solano County and was always working hard to provide a good life for his family and concurrently, was also active in community organizations. My love for community involvement, professional development and celebrating my culture are all attributed to both my parents.

Describe your current job.

I am currently the Director of Government Affairs for Comcast for the Southern Peninsula/San Mateo County, and Counties of Santa Clara, Monterey and Santa Cruz. I describe my job as working in three buckets; policy issues, political issues, and community engagement. Every day brings something different to the table. As a woman of color in tech, I appreciate the opportunities this job has afforded me and also recognize that it wasn’t by chance that I am where I am today.  It took a lot of work and a lot of ganas and I’m here to work hard, and play hard!

What has been a career high point for you thus far?

I have had the pleasure of having several career high points. In my previous job at the State Capitol, getting my first bill signed by the Governor was a highlight. Now at Comcast, engaging with the community on our internet Essentials program and making a difference in the lives of families by helping bridge the digital divide has been a career high as well. 

What words of advice can you share for other professional women working in the Silicon Valley?

In order to be good at what you do, you need to love what you do. I really do love engaging in the community, geeking out on policy issues when I can and engaging in political discussions.  I think that’s why my current job suits me well. 

I would also say that own being uncomfortable in situations where you might not consider yourself the expert. These are opportunities to grow. Find a mentor and mentor someone. When I came to San Jose in 2010, I found the private and public sector community welcoming which continues to make my job fun and exciting.

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