The SVO Voices Disapproval of DACA Action Taken By Trump

DACA (1).png

Not only is the rollback of DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy) immoral, but it is also terrible for America's competitive economic advantage, said Derrick Seaver, Executive Vice President of The Silicon Valley Organization

Our economic strength is our diversity; it is our greatest asset and our key difference maker. To put 800,000 Americans, whose sole 'infraction' was arriving here as children, on a path to lose citizenship will upend a large portion of this key strength.

Repealing DACA sends the message that America's door to opportunity is slammed tighter, and that is not the message that Silicon Valley business leaders want our government to send to the world at a time when expanding opportunity is the key to long-term innovative success.

Now that the White House has chosen their course, we will work over the next six months with Congressional leaders to ensure they take a different one: by making DACA the permanent law of the land, Congress has the opportunity to create an immigration policy that reflects the best of American values while also strengthening our economic competitiveness.

The SVO has long been an advocate for progressive immigration reforms at the federal level.

"We are a nation indebted to the service and ideas of immigrants. In California, immigrants make up over 33 percent of our workforce, founded some of our most successful companies, and hold an instrumental role in our agriculture, manufacturing, and service industry. Ensuring immigrants can continue to funnel their ideas and hard-work into our economy remains one of The silicon valley organization’s top policy priorities."

Examples of the advocacy work being done by The SVO and its members include: