State Legislation: AB 807 (Chu): Daylight Saving Time


This bill would place an initiative on the ballot asking voters to repeal Proposition 12 (1949). Should the voters choose to repeal, the Legislature can take action on a follow-up bill that would set California to year-round daylight saving time with federal government approval.

Currently, the state is required to move our clocks ahead one hour in the spring and behind one hour in the fall. The practice of switching our clocks, commonly known as daylight saving time, was officially implemented with the adoption of Proposition 12 in 1949 as a way to conserve energy. However, a 2008 study conducted by the National Bureau of Economics demonstrated that there are no actual energy savings under our current system.

The practice of switching our clocks biannually adversely impacts our health – numerous studies reveal annual upticks in heart attacks, workplace injuries, crimes and traffic accidents.

The action also negatively impacts our local economy. According to a 2016 study by JP Morgan Chase & Co., when Los Angeles lost an hour in the fall, daily card spending per capita fell by 3.5 percent. The research also illustrates that grocery stores become critically impacted - with a drop of 6 percent of daily retail. Additionally, retail and discount stores lose over 4.5 percent.

Permanent daylight saving time would provide tremendous benefits to the public. For commuters, traffic is reduced during the periods in which drivers are adjusting to the change in the time. For families, there would be more daylight for after-school activities. For businesses, robbery rates fall by an average of 7 percent for the entire day.


STATUS: Third reading in Senate Appropriations.