The SVO Supports DACA

The Silicon Valley Organization's President & CEO Matt Mahood stood alongside community and elected leaders at this morning's DACA event to offer the support of the business community.

(Read our official statement here)

President Trump announced this morning that he would be ending the DACA program, effectively leaving more than 800,000 DREAMers in uncertainty.

According to the Center for American Progress and pro-immigration advocacy organization, ending DACA will cost the U.S. economy about 30,000 jobs per month.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal writes:

"The libertarian Cato Institute estimates employers will lose $2 billion and the federal government $60 billion as the result of DACA’s demise."

"As a country, we know, for more than 200 years, this country is built by dreamers," Mahood said to the crowd. "The elimination of DACA isn't just bad for our country's economy, it's immoral."

View the full press conference here.

Read the Silicon Valley Business Journal's piece, Trump's decision to end Dreamer program a 'moral mistake,' say Silicon Valley business leaders, here.


  1. Mexico: +1.3M
  2. El Salvador: 58.6K
  3. Guatemala: 39.2K
  4. Honduras: 36.7K
  5. Peru: 19.3K
  6. South Korea: 17.6K
  7. Brazil: 14.9K
  8. Ecuador: 13.7K
  9. Colombia: 13.6K
  10. Philippines: 10K



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