The SVO Team Joins R.E.A.L. Coalition at Retreat, Hears About Priority Ed Policies in 2018

2018 State Superintendent Race (1).png

Last week, The SVO team had the opportunity to hear from and speak with Marshall TuckAssemblymember Tony Thurmond, and Senator Ben Allen.

Tuck and Assemblymember Thurmond are two candidates for State Superintendent and Senator Allen is the chair of the Senate Education Committee.

All three spoke about the importance of Career Technical Education (CTE) and from their remarks it’s clear that the Choose Children Campaign is having an impact since they all spoke about the need to expand preschool and early care and education. 

These two issues will be the important policies to advocate for this year. CTE funding shows up in two places:

  • A $200 million expansion of the Strong Workforce Program to K-12 districts
  • A continuation of the CTE Incentive Grant at either $200 or $500 million

In addition to advocating for funding, an equally important aspect of a proactive advocacy strategy will be influencing where this money lands. Workforce intermediaries have not been eligible to directly receive funds in previous rounds of CTE funding. The vital role of workforce intermediaries in connecting industry and education needs to be communicated to policy makers.

About the REAL Coalition

REAL stands for Regional Economic Association Leaders. It’s a coalition of California's most influential business and economic development entities, representing 20 member organizations and up to 15,000 employers who collectively provide up to 3.9 million California jobs. The SVO is a proud member of the REAL Coalition. There are three groups within the Coalition - Energy, Transportation, Education & Workforce. The Education & Workforce group is active in taking positions and writing advocacy letters. We meet annually to reflect on the past year and set priorities for the upcoming one. Wins from the past years include:

Wins from past years include:

  • AB 1764 (Olsen and Buchanan) Computer Science
  • AB 288 (Holden) College and Career Access Pathways
  • AB 2063 (Gallagher) Expanding CTE access
  • SB66 (Leyva) CTE Pathways Program
  • AB 170  (O’Donnel) Teacher Credentialing