Michael Fox Leading Goodwill of Silicon Valley to Prominence

Ten Years of Service as CEO

Mike Fox Jr. Goodwill of Silicon Valley The Silicon Valley Organization

 San Jose, CA:  On October 25, 2018, Michael Fox, Jr. will have served 10 years as CEO at Goodwill of Silicon Valley. 

Mr. Fox is well known as an entrepreneurial executive who, in 2008, devised a turnaround strategy which took the organization from a $1.7 million loss to a gain of $1.1 million, in just his first year.

Over his 10-year tenure, Goodwill went from being $4.2 million in debt to zero debt and having ample reserves, ensuring Goodwill’s sustainability for future generations. 

 In addition to Goodwill’s fiscal growth, the community impact is most remarkable:

  • Goodwill grew from providing services to 4,000 people annually in 2008 to serving 18,000 people per year today.

  • Since 2008, Goodwill has secured employment for more than 700 veterans and facilitated housing for 474 homeless veterans. 

  • Goodwill’s Wellness Center has provided free mental health services to 3,150 people since 2008, including the homeless and those in poverty.

  • Over the last 10 years, Goodwill has expanded employment services to the criminal justice re-entry population, young adults on the autism spectrum, foster youth, at-risk teens, and those with cognitive and physical disabilities.

 Many Goodwill of Silicon Valley Board Members are voicing their support and gratitude to Mike for his 10 years of service, including Dale D. Achabal (Ph.D. Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University): “Mike is an extraordinary leader and team builder. He has repeatedly demonstrated the potential for Goodwill of Silicon Valley through his vision and energy.  We are all proud and honored to have worked with him on the Goodwill Board, over the past decade.”


About Us: Goodwill of Silicon Valley was founded in 1928, and the organizational mission is to support our employees, our customers and people with challenging barriers to employment; to raise their standard of living and improve their lives, through our services and social enterprise.