The SVO Voices Support for CUHSD's General Plan Amendment Application

#AdvocacyMatters The Silicon Valley Organization

On behalf of The Silicon Valley Organization (The SVO), we are writing to voice our support for the Campbell Union High School District’s application for a general plan amendment located at 3235 Union Avenue and 2223 Camden Avenue. By way of background, The SVO is the Silicon Valley’s premier business advocacy organization representing 1,400+ companies that employ nearly 300,000 workers and we represent our membership as the region’s largest Chamber of Commerce.

The school district’s application is a mixed use development plan that is consistent with the makeup of the surrounding neighborhoods and minimizes traffic impacts. It would also add 100-110 permanent jobs and double the existing economic capacity of the site. The proposed project would generate $1.5 million annually that would support the academic success of our students. The City of San José should be a collaborative partner with the school district, in order to ensure that these critical financial resources will be made available to parents and students in the community.

The SVO continues to a champion for economic growth opportunities that will add jobs to San José, which will address our poor “jobs-to-housing imbalance”. With that said, we recognize that certain sites are poor conduits for attracting jobs and will likely never be used as viable employment lands. Thus, we must remain flexible enough to allow land use changes to permit viable projects that can generate additional tax revenue and can seamlessly integrate the project into the community. With the recent city council vote to approve the Google land sale agreement, we are already achieving significant momentum to add tens of thousands of new jobs that supports the “jobs first” approach of the general plan. Given that we are on track correcting the city’s jobs-to housing imbalance through Google’s investment in San José, we should consider additional flexibility in land use designations, in order to activate underutilized lands throughout the city.

For these reasons and more, The SVO supports the Campbell Union High School District’s application for a general plan amendment to strengthen our local school system. I