San Jose Included in Top 10 Best Cities in US for Women to Start a Business

Website released a report this week with their list of top 10 cities across the country considered best places for women to start a business.

The San Jose-Santa Clara-Sunnyvale metro area, otherwise known as Silicon Valley, made the top three list, coming in as number two, behind the Greater Tampa Bay Area in Florida.

"It may be obvious that the tech-driven landscape of Silicon Valley offers some of the greatest opportunity for women business owners. But it may surprise you to see exactly which metropolitan areas—both in Silicon Valley and beyond—offer the best mix of factors for women looking to launch their own businesses." - examined these key metrics for their ranking:

  • Percentage of women-owned businesses
  • Number of new businesses per 100,000 people
  • Women-to-men pay difference
  • Unemployment rate for women
  • Number of National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) chapters

Read the full report here.